You have only one chance to make the First Impression!

We at iConcepts believe that the First Impression works, however in the contemporary business world the pure design is just not enough unless... coupled together with a well done Usability design.
This is why our usability engineers do their homework way before the creative direction hits the Graphic Designers. Pages layout along with element (images, texts, special content etc.) placeholders are carefully pinned to the front-face so the final vision delivers a STRONG MESSAGE to the visitor.


Pebbles Network Website and Kiosk web Interface

Looking to build a system to supply hyperlocal information to the Visitors, our Client needed us to create 3 part webbased system:
  1. Kiosk front-end Interface to allow visitors to interact with the system, play games, watch video-ads and win ping-prizes
  2. Web-site to allow the visitors to continue their Kiosk acctivities, thus giving them the possibility to increase their chance to win many big prizes
  3. Administration, to manage both Kiosk and Website front-ends and to generate reports on User acctivities